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We're founders, just like you. We made wunderdecks to make finding what makes your brand special easier. We've been where you are, and we know how to help.

wunderdecks is in beta and works best with desktop browsers using drag-and-drop or your keyboard. Use Focus Mode on small screens.

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Use ready-made templates for brand positioning and more to get you started. 🙌

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Playful Brand Building: Define your brand's essence with wunderdecks. Easily sort and refine your brand attributes, making the process both fun and effective.

Quick Results: Jumpstart your branding with our ready-made templates, designed specifically for brand positioning. Already available in English and German to cater to your needs.

Collaborate Effortlessly: Seamlessly collaborate with co-founders, your team, or advisors. Share boards for real-time input and work together on refining your brand.

Ease of Use: Navigate and assign cards with drag-and-drop or Keyboard Mode, and enjoy a streamlined, productivity-enhancing experience across all devices with Focus Mode.

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In the fast-paced startup world, your brand is what sets you apart in a sea of competition. A strong brand goes beyond just a memorable logo to encompass your core values, and the unique essence that makes your startup special. Here's why brand building is crucial for your success and how wunderdecks can help you in this journey.

Why Brand Building is Crucial for Startups

  • Differentiation: In today’s crowded market, a well-defined brand helps you stand out and highlights your unique value proposition.
  • Connection: A strong brand connects emotionally with your audience, fostering loyalty and increasing customer lifetime value.
  • Trust: Consistent, authentic branding builds trust with your customers, investors, and stakeholders.
  • Growth: A powerful brand can drive new business, attract talent, and open doors to new opportunities.
💡 How it works

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Join the community of founders who are building their brands with wunderdecks. Unleash your startup’s unique identity and propel your business to new heights.


What is wunderdecks?
wunderdecks offers a playful space for creative and strategic thinking. Use pre-made templates to find the attributes that define your brand. Track tasks through various stages. Employ it as a platform for brainstorming and idea management. Gather and evaluate potential brand names to find the most suitable choice. Or, creatively apply it to entirely different things of your liking.
Is there a mobile app for wunderdecks?
Not yet. While our web app is fully responsive, we recommend using Focus Mode on smaller screens.
Is wunderdecks really free?
We believe in empowering creativity and collaboration without barriers. wunderdecks is free to ensure it's accessible to everyone, from individual creators to teams. As we grow, we may introduce premium features or services, but the core functionality will remain free. And if you absolutely want to spend money right now, consider onEco +Analytics