How it works

wunderdecks is an innovative web-based tool designed to streamline your planning, organizing, and decision-making processes. Here's how you can harness the power of wunderdecks:

Start with Boards

Boards are your workspace in wunderdecks, ideal for brainstorming and strategizing. Think of a board as your personal or team workspace where ideas, tasks, and strategies come to life. Begin with a blank canvas or select from various board templates tailored to different projects, including brand positioning.

Organize with Stacks

Within each board, you can create multiple stacks. A stack represents a category or a phase of your project. For example, in a project management board, stacks could be ‚To Do’, ‚In Progress’, and ‚Completed’. Or create stacks like ‚Core Values‘, ‚Extended Values‘, ‚Torn’, ‚Not’ and ‚N/A’ within each board to sort attributes regarding your brand.

Detail with Cards

Cards are the building blocks of wunderdecks. Each card can hold a specific task, idea, note, or unique brand attribute. Move these cards across stacks to reflect your brand positioning, progress or category changes.

Board Templates for Quick Setup

To save time and offer guidance, wunderdecks provides an array of pre-designed board templates. Utilize our pre-designed board templates specifically crafted for brand positioning, helping you quickly set up and start the brainstorming process.

Share with Teams

wunderdecks is a collaborative tool. Share your boards and stacks with your team members, so they can view and work together on the same project. Invite anyone with an email and they are instantly on your board.

Keyboard Mode and Focus Mode

Activate Keyboard Mode by pressing or k for quick card assignments using your keyboard. Dive into Focus Mode for an enhanced, clutter-free card sorting experience, optimized for all screen sizes and with Keyboard Mode always on.

Video tutorials